The page you are reading right now is related to all things and contents useful for farmers.

About Kheti Kisaan

I m Pankaj Sihag who build this community named as Kheti Kisaan belongs to a small village of state Rajasthan & Dist. Hanumangarh. My family background is of Farming and about my study that i graduated from MGS University Bikaner in medical science.I made this blog or website to provide information to my “KISAAN  BHAI LOG”.

Here in this website you get daily mandi bhav updates and get all things related to crops such as :-

  • 1. Disease related to crop.       
  • 2. Pest Control       
  • 3. Pest Description       
  • 4. Useful Pesticides       
  • 5. How to use of pesticides       
  • 6. How to control pests       
  • 7. Way of Farming       
  • 8. Proper indication of using : insecticide , herbicide , fungicide ,etc,.       
  • 9. Daily Mandi Bhav Updates     
  • 10. Useful products

Its all about to help out farmers and provide them better knowledge related contents.

Thank-You for reading about us.